About RentWise


Chapter One helps you think through important considerations before you start shopping for an apartment or a house to rent.  Whether you’re an experienced renter or a first-timer, you have decisions to make before you move. 

Chapter Two should be reviewed thoroughly before you sign a lease.  Many people don’t understand what commitments they make when they put their name on the dotted line at the bottom of a long, complicated legal contract.

Chapter Three offers an explanation of the legal “duties” of a tenant, and tells you how to handle issues such as rent raises, extra roommates, or late rent. 

Chapter Four discusses “The Law” in detail.  This information will help tenants and landlords understand their rights and responsibilities under state and local law when a particular problem arises. 

Chapter Five on home-buying should be reviewed by renters well before they get ready to own.  It explains what renters can do to prepare to qualify for a loan. 

Chapter Six gives landlords creative tips on successful property management, and helps less experienced landlords understand their basic legal obligations.

Chapter Seven gives advice if you’d like to start the process to owning a home of your own.

Chapter Eight is called “Resource Directory” provides a list of housing-related resources, complete with phone numbers, emails, and websites.

RentWise was funded by:

City of Chattanooga
Department of Economic and Community Development
Andy Berke, Mayor