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We're community driven, not commission driven. 

No two paths to homeownership are the same. CNE will customize your homebuying experience to fit your unique needs and offer the best options available for you and your family.

By financing your home through CNE, your money goes directly back into your community. Your purchase opens the door for homeownership counseling and financial literacy for another family.

CNE provides first mortgages, down payment assistance and home improvement loans. CNE offers competitive rates on FHA, VA, USDA and conventional mortgage products. We will empower you with tools, knowledge and options to make confident homebuying decisions. 

We provide:

Home Purchase Lending

CNE offers competitive rates on mortgage products. We help you understand the difference in each product so you fall in love with your loan before your home.

Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance

CNE connects you with programs that provide funds for the down payment and closing cost on your home. 


CNE offers refinancing options, which could include reducing your interest rate and term or providing cash for home improvements or debt consolidation.

Home Improvement Loans

CNE provides access to the home improvement work necessary to keep your home in great condition. We help you protect your investment by providing affordable financing for maintenance or repairs with a CNE Home Improvement Loan. For more information about a CNE Home Improvement Loan, click here.

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