This document provides a list of resources available to landlords and tenants living in the Hamilton County area.  Although we have attempted to thoroughly verify all of the information, CNE and the City of Chattanooga assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors.  We welcome all additions, updates or corrections to be sent to

Agency descriptions in this Directory focus on housing-related services only, and do not attempt to describe all functions.


Chattanooga Housing Authority (click here) 423-752-4893,  

Administers public housing developments and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) (click here)  423-756-6201,

Neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing non-profit. Offering programs for home-buyers, homeowners including credit counseling, foreclosure prevention services, lending, and new home construction. (See Home-buying, Rehabilitation, Rental)


Chattanooga Community Housing Development Organization (CCHDO) (click here) 423-668-9804,

A Chattanooga non-profit that builds and sells homes and assists community-based organizations to address housing needs in targeted areas of Chattanooga.


City of Chattanooga

  • Department of Community and Economic Development (click here) 423-643-7300

The Department of Community and Economic Development is dedicated to maintaining Chattanooga's neighborhoods by identifying revitalization opportunities, fostering community partnerships, cultivating neighborhood based leadership, and engaging in active code enforcement to create viable living environments that enhance the quality of life for all residents. They provide funding to local non-profit housing development organizations for wide range of affordable housing activities.  They oversee code enforcement for housing, litter, overgrowth and abandoned vehicles; manage U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding; and act as a Liaison between neighborhood associations and City government.

  • 311 or (423) 425-6311

Handles brush, trash, and storm-water problems. Arranges on-demand pick-up of large bulky items (large brush piles, furniture, appliances) by calling this number. 

(See Financial Assistance) Chattanooga Youth and Family Development provides a diverse mix of programs and services provided through federal, state, and local funding sources.  Each service promotes improvement in the quality of life for children, families, and individuals.


Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency (click here) 423-643-5900

The Regional Planning Agency (RPA) is a joint agency of the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County.  Its major responsibilities include developing land use plans and transportation plans, administering zoning, proposing development policies, and reviewing new subdivisions and other development projects.   


Consumer Credit Counseling Service (click here) 423-490-5620

A division of the Partnership for Families Children, and Adults. CCCS provides housing counseling for first-time buyers, and those seeking alternatives to bankruptcy or foreclosure. Info on reverse mortgages. May set up appointment in Chattanooga, Dayton or Cleveland. 


East Ridge Building Inspection 423-867-7711


Hamilton County Environmental Health Department (click here423-209-8110

Enforces state law on safety and health of buildings in Hamilton County (outside city limits). Inspects outside only (septic tanks, animals or junk that can be seen from the street).


Hamilton County Social Services Department (click here) 423-209-6855

(See Financial Assistance) Limited assistance for qualified people in rural Hamilton County; rent, mortgage, utilities, food, medicine.  Appointment Required.


Hamilton County Zoning Office (click here) 423-209-7860

Helps neighborhoods plan improvements. Provides plans, demographics and maps.  License and zoning regulations, enforcements, building permits, and inspections.


Red Bank Housing Code Enforcement 423-267-7640


Tax Assessor's Office (Hamilton Co) (click here) 423-209- 7300

Identifies owners of property if address is given over the phone.


US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) (click here) Main number in Knoxville 865-545-4370,

 (Also see Homeowner Help, Discrimination and Legal)



Chattanooga Endeavors (click here)  423-266-1888,

All services for ex-offenders including housing, counseling, job placement and more.


Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) (click here)  423-756-6201,

Counsels first-time homebuyers on loan qualifying and offers credit counseling services. Also counsels on mortgage delinquency, default and foreclosure.


Consumer Credit Counseling Service (click here) 423-490-5620

A division of the Partnership for Families Children, and Adults. CCCS provides housing counseling for first-time buyers, and those seeking alternatives to bankruptcy or foreclosure. Info on reverse mortgages. May set up appointment in Chattanooga, Dayton or Cleveland. 


Homeless Health Care Center (click here) 423-265-5708

Emergency shelter; all-purpose counseling and referral services (medical, addiction, crisis, employment, and housing).


Partnership for Families, Children and Adults (click here) 423-755-2870,

Comprehensive social services; family and individual counseling, group homes for troubled adolescents. (Also see Disabled/Elderly and Financial Assistance)



City of Chattanooga Office of Multicultural Affairs (click here) 423-643-6701,

Assists individuals to file a discrimination complaint.


Legal Aid of East Tennessee (Chattanooga) Office (click here) 423-756-4013 or (Cleveland Office) 423-303-2266

The mission of Legal Aid of East Tennessee is to ensure equal justice for elderly, abused, and low-income people by providing a broad scope of civil legal assistance and advocacy. 


Tennessee Human Rights Commission (click here) 800-251-3589 or 615-741-5825,

Investigates discrimination complaints.


U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (click here) 865-545-4370,

Fair Housing Office investigates and prosecutes discrimination complaints.


AIM Center (click here) 423-624-4800

All types of supportive services for persons with a psychiatric disability - 16 or older, include housing help.


Area Agency on Aging (for all of Southeast TN) (click here) 866-836-6678

NW GA- 800-759-2963

Information on nursing homes, mental health group homes, and other services for elderly.


Chattanooga Department of Youth and Family Development (click here)


Chattanooga Youth and Family Development provides a diverse mix of programs and services provided through federal, state, and local funding sources.  Each service promotes improvement in the quality of life for children, families, and individuals.


Counsel for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (CADAS) (click here) 423-756-7644,

Alcohol/drug rehab, live-in treatment program.


Helen Ross McNabb Center F/K/A Fortwood Mental Health Center (click here) 423-266-6751

Apartments; group home; referrals on full spectrum of housing for mentally ill in Hamilton County.


Homeless Health Care Center (click here) 423-265-5708

The Homeless Health Care Project of Chattanooga Hamilton County Health Department provides services at a stationary clinic, as well as through outreach to homeless citizens living in the Chattanooga area. Disabled homeless persons may qualify for direct funds for deposit and first month's rent.


Home Place (click here) 423-698-9079, The Home Place is an independent living facility with a mission to provide affordable housing for the homeless living with HIV/AIDS.


Hosanna Community (click here) 423-870-6880,

Hosanna Community fosters independence for adults with disabilities. Fully accessible 16-bedroom private home for physically disabled adults who need care.


Johnson Mental Health Center (click here) 423-634-8884

Non-profit center for mentally ill. Provides apartments, group homes, and helps out-patient clients find housing. Group homes for troubled youth. Referrals to private boarding homes.

Department of Intellectual and Developmental Services (click here) 423-634-6149

(State of Tennessee, Chattanooga office) Info and referral on all State services for residents with intellectual disabilities.


New Life Maternity Home 423-478-5351

New Life Maternity Home provides housing for girls during their pregnancy and assistance with the birth of their baby. Serves young pregnant women between the ages of 13 to 22 year-olds.


Orange Grove Center (click here


Group homes and full services for intellectually disabled or developmentally delayed persons.


Open Arms Care Corporation (click here) 423-238-9636 (Ooltewah)

Group homes and training for intellectually disabled persons.


Partnership for Families, Children and Adults 423-755-2870

Provides affordable temporary shelter for women; group homes for disturbed adolescents; emergency housing. Elderly Services Dept. provides lists of nursing homes and assisted living centers; homemaker and other services for elderly/disabled; finder service for minorities seeking nursing homes (MAPS program).


Partnership FCA Homemaker Services (click here) 423-755-2822

The Partnership’s Homemakers assist elderly and disabled persons with the tasks of daily living, to allow them to continue living independently in the comfort of their own home. Help with cleaning, laundry, etc. to help keep elderly in their homes. Waiting list.


Ronald McDonald House (click here) 423-778-4300

Temporary housing for families whose children are in local medical facilities.


Tri-State Disability Resource Center (click here) 423-892-4774

For individuals with disabilities in TN, NW GA and NE AL. Services include Info/Referral, Independent Living Skills Training, Advocacy, Peer Support and Employment.



Funds from all sources are extremely limited

Charities that may contribute rental assistance in limited cases:

Chattanooga Department of Youth and Family Development (click here)


Help with rent/utilities/mortgage payments for qualified people once a year based on income and personal circumstances.


Consumer Credit Counseling Service (click here) 423-490-5620

A division of the Partnership for Families Children, and Adults. CCCS provides housing counseling for first-time buyers, and those seeking alternatives to bankruptcy or foreclosure. Info on reverse mortgages. May set up appointment in Chattanooga, Dayton or Cleveland. 


Credit bureaus

Many landlords and all mortgage lenders check credit reports and may use poor credit as a reason for rejection. In this case, obtain free copies from the 3 major bureaus and contact all 3 about disputed or up-dated information. Experian (TRW) 888-397-3742; Transunion 800-916-8800; Equifax 866-349-5191. 

First Call for Help (click here) 423-265-8000 or 211

(In Georgia and Alabama call 211.)

A service of United Way. Information and referral to all types of social service agencies in TN, GA and AL (20 counties). Does not give direct financial aid.


Good Neighbors Inc. (click here) 423-266-1772,


Hamilton County Social Services Department 423-209-6855

Limited assistance for qualified people in rural Hamilton County; rent, mortgage, utilities, food, medicine.  Appointment Required.


Hope for the Inner City (click here) 423-698-3178,


Ladies of Charity (click here) 423-624-3222


Metropolitan Ministries (click here) 423-624-9650


Northside Neighborhood House (click here)

423-267-2217 (for residents north of the Tennessee River including North Chattanooga, Red Bank, Hixson, Soddy Daisy, all the way to Bakewell)


Pilgrim Congregational (click here) 423-698-5682,

Rossville Community Ministries 706-861-5748


Southeast Tennessee Career Services (click here) 423-894-5354

State agency responsible for workforce development in the area. Enables people to upgrade skills and earning power. Provides job training & placement to out-of-work or under-employed citizens.


Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agencies (click here)

Help with past due rent and utilities.

Bledsoe County- 423-447-2444

Grundy County-931-592-8260

Hamilton County- 423-698-7337

Marion County- 423-942-5946

McMinn County-423-745-8095

Meigs County- 423-334-3305,

Polk County- (Benton) 423-338-2335 or (Copperhill) 423-496-2644

Rhea County- 423-775-4010 or 423-775-3643

Sequatchie County- 423-949-2191


Tennessee Department of Human Services (click here) 423-634-6200

State provides basic social services (Families First, food stamps, TennCare, Protective Services, Vocational Rehab, Day Care, and Job Search).  Adult Protective Services enforces laws protecting vulnerable populations from abuse and financial exploitation.  Financial assistance to eligible Families First participants. 


Signal Mountain Social Services (click here) 423-886-5982

Financial assistance limited to Signal Mtn. residents within Hamilton County.



Better Business Bureau (click here) 423-266-6144, 

To verify business licenses and how long on has been in business; discusses possible scams and terms to be wary of.


Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) (click here)  423-756-6201,

Nonprofit lender offering mortgage loans, counseling & down-payment assistance, financial management classes for future buyers, rehab loans for both home owners and rental properties. Neighborhood and downtown revitalization programs. (See Rehabilitation and Rental)


Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors (click here) 423-698-8001,

Answers questions about real estate agents; hears complaints through Ethics and Professional Standards Committee.


Habitat for Humanity (click here) 423-756-0507,

Builds affordable houses for low-income working families who can put in 500 hours of labor and qualify for a loan.


Rural Development Area Office (click here)

TN: 423 756-2239    GA: 706-638-1558

Helps rural individuals, communities and businesses obtain the financial and technical assistance needed to address their diverse and unique needs. Loans to low-income buyers in rural TN (10 counties) to buy, build, repair, purchase site or provide water and sewer.


Southeast Tennessee Development District (click here) 423-266-5781,

Low-cost mortgages and down-payment assistance for low and very low-income families in 10-county area (outside city limits only). Program funds very limited. (Also see Rehabilitation)


Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (Manufactured Housing) (click here) 615-741-7192

U S Dept. of HUD oversees complaints and code enforcement regarding construction and materials. FHA loans and site approval - zoning restrictions.


Tennessee Dept. of Financial Institutions (click here) 615-741-2236

Investigates complaints against mortgage lenders and finance companies. Explain in writing; John Sevier Building, 500 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37243


Tennessee Housing Development Agency Nashville (click here) 615-815-2200,

Low-interest loans & down payment help for first-time buyers. This state wide program is administered by local lenders.


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Knoxville Main number 865-545-4370

Home buying, Fair Housing 865-545-4370

FHA loans 800-225-5342

Repossession and foreclosures 865-545-4370


Veterans Affairs Regional Office (click here)


Ask for Form #1880 to get certified for home buying program. For loan processing info call Nashville Office 1-800-827-1000.



Bethel Bible Village (click here)

423-842-5757, ext. 231

Bethel Bible Village offers on-campus living for youth ages 5-17 years in family-style, group-living homes. Located in Hixson, TN. 


Chattanooga Community Kitchen (click here) 423-756-4222

Emergency assistance, help to reestablish, Job training, food, GED class.


Chattanooga Department of Youth and Family Development (click here) 423-643-6420,

Referral to shelters. May give financial aid to people owing a debt to the Housing Authority.

Chattanooga Endeavors (click here)


Temporary shelter (up to 6 months) and other help for ex-offenders to reestablish themselves. 


Chattanooga Housing Authority (click here)


Administers public housing (rent/utilities cost one-third of gross income) and Section 8 Program which gives first preference to people with disabilities and families who are homeless through no fault of their own. For rural counties, call Housing Info Line.


Homeless Health Care Center (click here) 423-265-5708

Emergency housing, medical & social services for people working toward goals. Comprehensive counseling. Must be verifiably homeless. Also have Shelter-Plus-Care programs for disabled and alcohol/drug addicted (see Disabled/Elderly)


Partnership FCA Family Violence Services and Spouse Abuse (click here) Hotline 423-755-2700

A service of Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults. Protective housing for battered women and children.


Partnership FCA Youth Shelters (click here)  423-643-6444

A service of Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults. 



Innerfaith Hospitality Network (click here) (families, longer term) 423-756-3891


Partnership FCA Emergency Shelter for Families (click here) 423-755-2700


Partnership FCA Transitional Housing for Women (click here) 423-755-2700.

Room in the Inn (click here)

423-624-6144 (women & children, longer term)


Salvation Army (click here) 423-756-1023


St. Matthew's (click here) 423-756-4222 (Housed in Second Presbyterian Church)

St. Catherine’s (click here)

423-266-8195 (Housed in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church)



First Call for Help (click here)

423-265-8000 or 211

United Way agency with associated info about services offered in the 20-county area. Connects callers to resources according to their need and zip code. Help with utility bills in North Georgia if service is through EPB.



 Better Business Bureau (click here)


Helps resolve business complaints. Mediation and arbitration of landlord/tenant disputes (low-cost way to find equitable solutions).


Department of Commerce & Insurance (Manufactured Housing) (click here) 615-741-7190

Complaints on structural defects and set-up quality; licensing and code enforcement of manufacturers, dealers and installers in TN.


Division of Consumer Affairs, State of TN (click here) 1-800-342-8385

Enforces consumer protection laws; investigates rental and real estate complaints and rent-to-own schemes. Send written complaint to 500 Robertson Pkwy., Nashville, TN 37243.


General Sessions Court (click here) 423-209-7630

(Courts Building, corner of Market and 6th St.) Issues detainer warrants; hears eviction proceedings and claims under $ 10,000 in disputes over contracts, accounts, rents, damages, and notes.


Landlord/Tenant Act 423-757-5310

Main downtown library can provide copy of State law at 10 cents per page. Local History Dept. Ask for TN Code Annotated section 66-28-101.


Legal Aid of East Tennessee – (Chattanooga Office) (click here) 423-756-0128 and (Cleveland Office) 423-303-2266Contact office closest to you.  Serving Hamilton, Bledsoe, Marion, Sequatchie, Rhea, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, and Polk Counties. Bradley County calls 423-479-8577.  Free representation for low-income residents, including landlord abuse, illegal eviction, failure to return deposits, etc.


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Knoxville (click here) 865-545-4370

FHA loan approval and site inspections; info/enforcement on construction and materials.



For Homeowners

Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (click here) 423-756-6201,

Low-interest, low-payment rehab loans for low or very low-income owners within City limits.


Rural Development Area Office (Tennessee) (click here)  423-756-2239 or (Georgia) 706-638-1558

Low-cost repair loans for very low-income households in 10 rural counties (see Homebuying).


Southeast Tennessee Development District (click here) 423-266-5781

Periodic low-cost rehab programs for low and very low income in Soddy Daisy, Collegedale, Red Bank and East Ridge. Get on wait list.


SE TN Human Resource Agencies (click here)  

Bledsoe County-                     423-447-2444

Grundy County-                      931-592-8260

Marion County-                       423-942-5946

McMinn County-                     423-745-8095

Meigs County-                        423-334-3305

Polk County- Benton              423-338-2335

Polk County – Copperhill       423-496-2644

Rhea County-                          423-775-4010, 423-775-3643

Sequatchie County-                423-949-2191

Hamilton County-                   423-698-7337



Landlord & Tenant Education, Information, Problem-solving

Department of Multicultural Affairs ( 423-643-6701,; Chattanooga Apartment Association (  423-802-4936,



Atlanta Light and Gas Company (click here) 877-427-4321


Chattanooga Gas Company (click here) 866-643-4170


Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (click here) 423-648-1372


Tennessee American Water Company (click here) 866-736-6420

(Serves both Georgia and Tennessee)


Empower Chattanooga (click here) 423-648-0963

Hosts FREE one hour basic energy workshops that teach simple low cost and no cost ways to reduce your utility bill.  To find upcoming workshops call Empower Chattanooga or visit here.


Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) administered by the Chattanooga Department of Youth and Family Development (click here) 423-643-6434

May make partial payments to utility companies for the elderly, disabled, or very low-income persons. Limited funds.


Project Water Help 423-209-6855

Funds donated by the public to help low-income families in crises.


United Way’s Project Power Share –211 or 423-265-8000

Assists needy families with energy bills when all other sources are exhausted



Chattanooga Housing Authority 423-752-4893


Boynton Terrace Apartments 423-752-4865

955 Boynton Drive (Westside)


College Hill Courts 423-752-4870

1300 Grove Street (Westside)

Dogwood Manor 423-668-2323

959 Gateway Avenue


East Lake Courts 423-752-4885

2600 4th Ave. (off I-24, East Lake)

Emma Wheeler Homes 423-752-4883

4900 Edinburg Drive (off Hooker Rd)

Gateway Towers 423-752-4890

1100 Gateway Ave. (Westside)


Mary Walker Towers 423-752-4892

2505 S. Market Street (Southside)



Cromwell Hills Apartments 423-752-4888

3940 Camelia Dr. (near airport)


Fairmont Apartments 423-752-4848

1311 Fairmont Street (North Chattanooga)


Greenwood Terrace Apartment 423-752-4187

3056 Dee Drive (Eastdale)

Glenwood Heights Apartments 423-752-4191

Judson Lane (Glenwood)


Maple Hill Apartments 423-624-2990

2515 Gilbert Street

Woodside Avenue Apartments 423-752-4191

3012 Woodside Avenue (East Lake)


SECTION 8 PROGRAM - Housing Choice Voucher Program

Chattanooga Housing Authority 423-752-4893

This is a federal rent subsidy program funded through the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and administered by the Chattanooga Housing Authority, or other Authorities and agencies in the region. The program pays all or partial rent for low-income voucher- (or certificate-) holders who must find a private landlord willing to accept monthly payments from government. In Chattanooga, applicants must be (1) verifiably homeless (through no fault of their own), or disabled and receiving Social Security Insurance, or (2) living in seriously substandard housing, or (3) low-income and working for at least 6 months. The waiting time for this last group is very long.



Athens Housing Authority (423) 745-0341

199 Clark Street, Athens, TN 37303


Cleveland Housing Authority (423) 479-9659

450 Walker Street NE, Cleveland, TN 37311


Crossville Housing Authority 931-484-2990

67 Irwin Avenue, Crossville, TN 38555


Dayton Housing Authority (423) 775-1871

270 Railroad Street, Dayton, TN 37321


Etowah Housing Authority (423)263-2674

400 Sunset Drive, Etowah, TN 37331


Grundy Housing Authority (931) 924-2496

187 Raulston Ave., Monteagle, TN 37356


South Pittsburgh Housing Authority (423)837-6600

214 Elm Ave., S. Pittsburg, TN 37380



The following are housing developments subsidized by the federal government (HUD) or Dept. of Agriculture for families earning less than 80% of area median income. Some complexes take applications only once a year, and the waiting periods vary. Some may be two years or longer. Rent including utilities costs about 30% of income, depending on family size.

Battery Heights Apartments 423-624-0311

3401 Campbell Street, 37406 (144 units)


Bayberry Apartments 423-680-6325

2300 Wilson Street 37406 (131 units)


Boynton Overlook Apartments 423-756-4680

1201 Boynton Drive 37402 (162 units)


Brookside Apartments 423-332-9009

205 Evening Side Dr., Soddy Daisy 37379 (48 units)


City View Apartments 423-622-3230

2709 Citico Avenue 37406 (150 units)


Hickory Valley Apts. 423-894-6289

1507 Hickory Valley Road 37421 (22 units)


Hidden Acres 423-870-4293

4518 Hixson Pike 37403 (100 units)


Ridgeway Apartments 423-267-1088

1230 Poplar Street 37403 (120 units)


Spring Green and College Park Apartments 423-238-7468

5075 Ooltewah Ringgold Rd. 37363 (48 units)


Timber Ridge Co-op 423-894-0214

201 Timber Knoll Dr. 37421 (156 units)


Windsor Terrace Apartments 423-622-1764

2300 Wilson Street 37406 (32 units)



Chattanooga NAPFE 423-344-8361

5465 Highway 58, Chattanooga, TN 37416 (125 units)


Eastwood Manor 423-622-5761

3831 Wilcox Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37411 (98 units)


Helen Ross McNabb Center F/K/A Fortwood Mental Health Center 423-266-6751

601 Cumberland St, Chattanooga, TN 37404


Jaycee Towers 423-266-8741

500 W. Martin Luther King Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37402 (406 units)


John Calvin Apartments 423-877-4324

364 Northgate Mall Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37415 (95 units)


Orange Grove Center 423-629-1451

615 Derby Street, Chattanooga, TN 37404
Group homes for intellectually disadvantaged children and adults. Permanently housed adults must enter before age 18.


Patten Towers 423-267-1116

1 East 11th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37401 (221 units)


Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System 423-634-8884

420 Bell Ave, Chattanooga, TN, 37405


Whiteside Faith Manor 423-266-8325

735 E. 10th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403 (117 units)




Colonial Manor Apartments II 423-447-6210

Pikeville, TN 37367 (24 units)

Crossville Housing Authority (click here) 423-447-2444,

Issues Section 8 rent supplements for Bledsoe Co. & Rhea Co.



Cleveland Housing Authority 423 479-9659

450 Walker St. NE. Cleveland, TN 37320

Administers Section 8 Program for Bradley Co.

Horizon Square 423 476-9393

2324 Georgetown Rd., Cleveland, TN 37311 (92 units)

Ocoee Village 423-479-3621

1350 2nd St. NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (49 units)

Pine Forest 423-479-2061

3005 Henderson Ave., Cleveland, TN 37323 (101 units)

Spring Brook 423-472-0127

2360 Blackburn Rd. SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (97 units)

Walker Valley Apartments (423) 336-8407

8401 Hiwassee St. NW, Charleston, TN 37310 (24 units)



Grundy County Housing Authority (click here) 931-592-8260

Issues Section 8 rent supplements for Grundy Co.

Woodland Ridge Apts. 931-924-2328

203 4th St. Monteagle, TN (24 units)



Bluff Apartments 423-942-1333

400 Cumberland Ave., Jasper, TN 37347

Mountain View Apts. 423-837-7714

2330 Hamilton Ave South Pittsburg, TN 37380 (48 units)

SE TN Human Resource Agency (SETHRA) (click here) 423-942-5946

110 Gamble St.,  Jasper, TN 37347

Town Creek Apartments I & II 423-942-3387

500 Cumberland Ave, Jasper, TN 37347 (24 units)



Cherokee Village Apartments 423-887-5850

Englewood, TN (24 units)

Greenwood Apartments 423-745-1400

100 Jackson St. NE, Athens, TN 37303 (40 units)

Maplewood Apartments II 423-745-7366

401 Old Niota Rd., Athens, TN 37303 (16 units)



Meigs Heights Apartments 423-334- 2777

106 Meigs Heights Decatur, TN 37322 (24 units)



Chilhowee Apts. (423) 338-9419

Benton, TN (48 units)

SE TN Human Resource Agency (SETHRA) (click here) 338-2335

Issues Section 8 rent supplements for Polk Co.



Crossville Housing Authority (click here) 931-484-2990

Issues Section 8 rent supplements for Bledsoe Co. & Rhea Co.

Hidden Valley Apartments I & II 423-775-2714

Dayton, TN 37321 (72 units)



North Town Apts. (423) 949-4845

1692 Elm St., Dunlap, TN 37327 (16 units)

SE TN Human Resource Agency (SETHRA) (click here) 423-949-2191

Savage Rd. P.O. Box 909, Dunlap, TN 37327
Administers programs for a 10 county area.

West Town Apts. (423) 949-4845

1692 Elm St., Dunlap, TN 37327 (18 units)



Applicants must be 62 years of age or older, or have a mental or physical disability (as determined by the Dept. of Social Security), and meet income requirements.


Birchwood Village Apts. 423-477-6474

177 Birchwood St., Pikeville, TN 37367 (40 units)



Cleveland Summit 433-479-3005

44 Inman St. Cleveland, TN 37311 (78 units)

Heritage Oaks 423-478-3864

1955 White St., SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (40 units)

North Cleveland Tower 423-479-9639

1200 Magnolia Ave., NE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (113 units)



Hillcrest Village Inc: 931-592-9628

14252 US HWY 41Tracy City, TN

Hillcrest Village Apartment (37 units)

Meadowood Apts. (20 units)



Jasper Senior Apartments (423) 942-2426

235 E. 7th St., Jasper, TN 37347 (26 units)

Whitwell Senior Apartments (423) 658-5053

15600 TN-28 Scenic, Whitwell, TN 37397 (21 units)



Brookvale Gardens Apartments (423) 263-0598

1203 Hoffman Ave., Etowah, TN 37331 (16 units)

Maplewood Apartments I 423-745-2143

2014 Old Niota Rd., Athens, TN 37303 (16 units)



Benton Elderly Housing (423) 338-2953

401 Lois Ln., Benton, TN 37307 (24 units)

Ducktown Housing Authority (423) 496-5934

172 Roebuck Rd., Ducktown, TN 37326 (23 units)

Walnut Creek (423) 338-8142 elderly only

1725 Benton Station Rd., Benton TN 37307 (24 units)



Battlewood Apartments 706-861-1111

1830 Fant Dr., Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742


Catoosa Garden Apartments 706-861-3712

17 Dahlia Ln., Ft Oglethorpe, GA 30742


Happy Valley Apartments 706-861-3145

1209 Indian Avenue, Rossville GA 30741


Mission Villa Apartments 706-861-4354

329 Mission Ridge, Rossville, GA 30741


Oglethorpe Ridge 706-858-3880

1252 Cloud Springs Rd., Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 30742

Rossville Apartments 706-866-4783

800 Walker Avenue, Rossville, GA 30741



Lafayette Housing Authority (706) 638-2733

300 Oak St., PO Box 567, Lafayette, GA 30728


Ringgold Housing Authority (706) 935-3028

137 Circle Dr., Ringgold, GA 30736



Ft Oglethorpe Housing Authority (706) 866-3303

1 Patterson Pl., Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742



Summerville Housing Authority (706)857-3016

56 Ross Ave., Summerville, GA 30747