Over the past 30 years, CNE has created 1,500 affordable and market rate housing units throughout the city of Chattanooga.

Highland Park and Ridgedale

CNE is working to restore the fabric of the Highland Park & Ridgedale neighborhoods.

CNE purchased 34 parcels of vacant and blighted property in the Highland Park and Ridgedale neighborhoods. As part of a cohesive plan for supporting neighborhood development, we gathered feedback from the community via surveys, interviews, and open-forum community meetings.  Based on resident feedback, we are implementing work in the community.

Missing Middle Housing 

CNE, with support from the Lyndhurst Foundation, has engaged the Incremental Development Alliance to help design “Missing Middle” housing, multi-family housing with the look and feel of single-family homes, for Chattanooga’s neighborhoods.

Missing Middle housing types include duplexes, fourplexes, bungalow courts, and live-work units, among others. This project will explore pathways to creating Missing Middle Housing in Chattanooga. 

St. Elmo Plan

In 2014, CNE asked for feedback in a series of interactive planning sessions addressing the future of the St. Elmo town center with connections to the Riverwalk, Alton Park, Piney Woods, Oak Hills, and Lookout Mountain. These sessions were led by nationally acclaimed architect and town planner Michael Watkins and used to formulate a plan for the area. 

The plan is available for download below.