Checklist of Items Needed for Foreclosure Prevention Assistance


  • Driver's license or state-issued identification
  • Social Security card--this must be signed
  • Most recent utility bills (electric, trash, gas, water, cable, phone, internet, cellular phone, etc.)
  • Auto loan statement
  • Student loan statement
  • Two most recent credit card statements for each account
  • Other installment loan statements
  • Homeowner's Insurance--Declarations Page
  • Employment History--list
  • Mortgage or "Promissory Note" 
  • Most recent Mortgage Statement 
  • Two most recent bank statements (checking, savings, CDs, MMA, etc.) 
  •  2013, 2014, 2015 tax returns with all schedules & matching W2 forms 
  • Proof of non-filing for past 3 years from IRS, if you do not file taxes  

The following documents are required for all household members 18yrs of age & older

  • 4 weeks most recent, consecutive paystubs
  • Unemployment Personal Benefit Statementfrom website
  • Original Notice of award--Disability
  • Award letter for Short or Long Term Disability
  • Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Documents
  • Court ordered Child Support along with past 12 month history
  • Retirement/Pension/Annuity Income - Award letter
  • Other income documentation (including child support, social security, renter income, government assistance, food stamps, etc.)
  • Year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement, if you are self-employed (Enclosed)


  • Death Certificate, if applicable
  • Bankruptcy/Discharge Documentation, if applicable
  • Divorce-Final Decree signed by judge, if applicable

Once you've gathered these documents and filled out this application, call 423.756.6201 or email us at to set up a one-on-one appointment. If you need to fill out an application in person or need one mailed to you, let us know!