CNE is working to restore the fabric of the Highland Park & Ridgedale neighborhoods.

CNE purchased 34 parcels of vacant and blighted property in the Highland Park and Ridgedale neighborhoods. As part of a cohesive plan for supporting neighborhood development, we gathered feedback from the community via surveys, interviews, and open-forum community meetings.  Based on resident feedback, we are implementing work in the community.

Since purchasing the land in Highland Park & Ridgedale, CNE has:

  • Removed blight and hazardous materials from both neighborhoods. 
  • Helped to restore the fabric of the community, improving livability for all.
  • Grown city-wide confidence in these communities as an exceptional place to live, work, and play. 
  • Developed a mix of 15 single-family structures that complement the existing structures and provide high-quality residential opportunities for rent and for sale.
  • Commenced the construction of a 50-unit mixed income apartment building, which includes 11 income-restricted apartments and one commercial space.

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The Mai Bell

On the corner of Bailey Avenue and S. Hawthorne Avenue, CNE is building a 50-unit mixed income rental development. The apartments will be energy efficient, with one retail space underneath. CNE broke ground on September 6, 2016, and the building will begin leasing soon. If you're interested, please email Zach Downs at and you will be added to the waiting list.


Kirby Avenue

In 2016, CNE tore down a dilapidated, asbestos-filled dorm and with the help of developers, built nine brand new, single-family homes along Kirby Avenue in Highland Park. the homes range from 800 to 1300 square feet, which are designed to build housing that is affordable to individuals and families earning between $35,000 and $45,000 per year. CNE believes that developing smaller homes aligns with its mission as the private market in the area is building much larger houses at a price point unaffordable to much of the workforce. The homes have all been sold, and the street that was once filled with broken windows and asbestos is now filled with new homes and neighbors.


Cottage Homes

One of the first homeownership projects in the area CNE completed was a cottage home, a 532-square-foot home in Ridgedale. 

The development of the cottage home is driven by the need for affordable housing in Chattanooga. CNE sees this as an innovative and market-driven approach to meet the city's affordable housing need. No government funds are being used in the development. 

The home is a one-bedroom with a good sized kitchen, a living room, bathroom, laundry and storage area. It is designed to be livable, innovative, and functional. The monthly payment, including taxes, insurance and utilities is projected to be less than $650 a month. The home sold in 2016 to a Chattanooga firefighter. CNE plans to build more homes such as this one in Chattanooga.