Our History 

CNE is a nonprofit organization created in 1986 as part of Vision 2000 – a plan for Chattanooga’s future that included comprehensive neighborhood revitalization at the center of its vision for improving housing conditions. CNE invests in Chattanooga by offering affordable residential loans, new home construction, financial counseling and community engagement.

For 30 years, CNE’s programs have helped families navigate the home-buying process and empowered many Chattanooga homebuyers to become successful, lifelong homeowners. CNE provides the classroom instruction and guidance that first-time homebuyers need in order to purchase a home, build family wealth, and become stakeholders in the future of their community. In tandem with counseling and education programs, CNE administers a $12 million portfolio of loans—funds that are recycled to improve Chattanooga’s neighborhoods in the form of down payment assistance, home improvement, construction, and small business loans.  In addition to education and lending, CNE manages the construction and renovation of homes in various neighborhoods across Chattanooga. Ensuring quality, affordable new home construction and providing the programs necessary for families to own, maintain and keep a home is a very large part of CNE’s every day work.

Since 1986, CNE has counseled over 3,000 clients in foreclosure prevention, created over 4,500 homeowners, renovated over 3,800 homes, made over 6,000 loans to families, individuals and small businesses, and developed over 1,550 housing units.


Jim Rouse, Founder of the Enterprise Foundation, visits Chattanooga and encourages the city to make housing a priority.


Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise is incorporated with the mission of making all Chattanooga housing decent, fit and affordable. 


National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials merit award for project design for the Lincoln Park and Oak Hill Neighborhood Revitalization projects.


Published the FasTrack to Homeownership homebuyer education curriculum, which became a national standard in homeownership education.

Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence for Small Scale Residential Development for Orchard Village.

Mortgage Bankers Association of America National Affordable Housing Award for Homeownership Housing Production.

Chartered as the first affiliate member of the NeighborWorks America network of neighborhood revitalization organizations.


Led the nation in providing affordable housing for low-to medium-income families, investing over $29 million in home purchases and assisting over 600 new homeowners.


Approved as the first nonprofit FHA Direct Endorsement Lender in the nation by the Federal Housing Administration.

HUD recognizes CNE’s work in homeownership promotion and preservation and its “extraordinary partnership” with the City of Chattanooga.


The NeighborWorks America Campaign for Homeownership ranks CNE No. 1 nationally among 117 participating organizations.

Chattanooga wins the John J. Gunther Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Conference of Mayors for affordable housing.


Launched the CNE Homeownership Center in partnership with the NeighborWorks America National Campaign for Homeownership.

Organized the Chattanooga Community Development Financial Institution chartered by the U.S. Treasury Department.


Initiated the revitalization of Cowart Place, a mixed income affordable housing project featuring 35 units of housing.


Supporters contributed over 1.3 Million to establish the CNE Gift Loan Fund.


Reached 25,000 in sales of FasTrack to Homeownership homebuyer education manuals.


Reached $10 million in loans made to small businesses by CNE’s Chattanooga Community Development Financial Institution.

Launched the Chattanooga Foreclosure Prevention Hotline.

Provided foreclosure intervention counseling to 216 Chattanooga families who were at risk of foreclosure.


Received the Excellence Award for Outstanding Example of Urban Infill Housing for the Jefferson Heights Revitalization – presented by the Chattanooga Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency.

Launched $1.3 million Innovate Here loan fund supporting businesses relocating to Main Street in the Southside.


Received Tennessee's Best Award for Excellence in Partnership from THDA for our revitalization of N. Holly Street in Bushtown.


Re-launched the Housing Info line website and released updated Rentwise! handbook about tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities in Chattanooga.

Completed the re:NOVATE campaign to invest $1 million in Chattanooga's neighborhoods through renovation loans to low income residents.


Received Urban Loan Production Award, Total Loan Production Award, and Rural Loan Production Award from Tennessee Housing Development Agency.


Launched Money School, an annual free financial day.


Rated Exemplary by NeighborWorks America.


Created #CHA720, a citywide credit counseling day.