Housing at a Glance 

CNE is creating a quarterly publication designed to make complicated housing topics accessible to Chattanoogans. Each edition will focus on a unique housing theme and is intended to be a tool for residents navigating changes in their communities and neighborhoods. Given the complexity of housing issues, we encourage readers to engage with us if they would like to deep-dive on a specific issue and discuss questions regarding the material. 

Each “Housing at a Glance” is created in partnership with local designers and artists. We believe that creative and local design can help us make complicated information fun and approachable. By doing this, we can begin to overcome barriers to information and education access that keep many members of our community disengaged from the political process. 

If you would like a member of our team to visit your organization, classroom, church or community to discuss our work or content from one of our “Housing at a Glance” publications, please contact aleboeuf@cneinc.org.  

We are learning with you and always appreciate feedback. We hope that this work will open doors for debate and discussion; both of which are essential components of meaningful civic engagement and policy change.  

Our goal is to make this work self-sustaining, where the costs of designing and publishing each “Housing at a Glance” issue is supported by a local business that is committed to increasing civic engagement and awareness.

Sponsors will be highlighted within each . If you would like to know more about sponsorships, please email our Policy Advocate, Alexa LeBoeuf (aleboeuf@cneinc.org).