Neighborhood engagement is a people-focused process that increases the collective financial and human capacity of neighborhoods to improve the quality of life for the individuals who live and work in that community. 

NeighborWorks Week

CNE celebrates NeighborWorks Week every year, a weeklong celebration of our clients, partners, and communities that make our jobs here at CNE possible and enjoyable. 

Be on the lookout in June for the next event!

Pocket Park Initiative

Photo by Kenneth Munoz

Photo by Kenneth Munoz

A pocket park is a small park accessible to the general public created on a single vacant building lot or on a small, irregular piece of land.

At CNE we started our Pocket Park Initiative because Glenwood residents wanted to transform a particularly blighted property in their neighborhood into a healthy, useful open space. With help from a ton of partners, we opened Glenwood Park in the spring of 2012. We continue to have volunteer opportunities to enhance and maintain the Glenwood Park. Design by Artech

We just recently built our second pocket park on Glass Street on an abandoned corner at Awtry Street that the neighborhood wanted to see re-animated and brought back to life. Design by Palmerbe Built Environment

St. Elmo Town Center

In January, we asked for feedback in a series of interactive planning sessions addressing the future of the St. Elmo town center with connections to the Riverwalk, Alton Park, Piney Woods, Oak Hills, and Lookout Mountain. These sessions were led by nationally acclaimed architect and town planner Michael Watkins. In April, Mr. Watkins returned to give us an update on the St. Elmo plan. The plan is available for download here.