Odd Story Brewing Company

With a little help from CNE, a new brewery dedicated to good beer, good food, and good stories is opening on East ML King Blvd.

OddStory Brewing Company , which received a small business loan from CNE to help buy equipment for the new brews, will officially open on Saturday, December 31st at 5pm.

According to Bryan Boyd, co-owner of the brewery, the Boyds chose the Scenic City as the place for their microbrewery because Chattanooga has a great demographic for the idea they have in mind: to create a space for people to have real conversations with each other and not be inhibited by televisions. 

Jay Boyd, Bryan's son, is a brewer is from Alabama with three years of brewing experience and an America’s Brewers Guild certification. Jay has been brewing and perfecting the flagship beers for the past year.

Bryan, Jay, and Emily Boyd pictured with the equipment that was purchased with a loan from CNE.

OddStory will have three flagship beers on tap, with an additional nine rotating brews. Food will be available for purchase from local small business Dish T'Pass.

Bryan said the loan from CNE aided in the purchasing of a mash tun, where the grain is steeped, a boiler kettle, where the hops are added after the contents from the mash tun are placed, and a hot water tank, which is an environmentally conscious way for the brewery to conserve water. Bryan found out about CNE through The Company Lab and chose CNE because the rates for the loan were competitive and the process was simple.

So where does the name OddStory come from?

Bryan said they wanted the name to have a connection to Chattanooga, be obscure, and historic, but not be overtly Chattanooga. They chose OddStory as a play on words from the interesting narrative surrounding downtown. In fact, the water on the logo is not from the nearby Tennessee River, but actually the fabeled "Underground Chattanooga".

In the late 1800's, Chattanooga was constantly destroyed by floods because no dam existed yet. In an effort to keep Chattanooga afloat, the town built up, meaning dirt was taken from areas around town and the entire downtown was raised almost one story. 

While it has not been heavily documented, if you walk around downtown, you may notice archways along the sidewalk from first floors that were turned into basements or are now inaccessible. This fascinating history of Chattanooga stuck with the Boyds and OddStory Brewing Company was named.

Join the Boyds for the grand opening of OddStory Brewing Company on Saturday, December 31 at 5pm, and share your "odd" story with new and old friends from throughout the Tennessee Valley as everyone rings in the new year together.

For more information about OddStory Brewing Company, visit www.oddstorybrewing.co.