The Importance of Home at the Holidays


We all know how important being home with family is this time of year. 

In 2008, Griselda Mae experienced the loss of her husband. Going from two incomes to one really put a financial strain on her, and by 2013 she was at a point wondering not only how she would make ends meet; but how would she be able to keep her home because her husband's income is what supported the mortgage. After speaking with a friend about her situation her friend told her about CNE. Griselda decided to reach out to CNE and see if she would qualify for assistance. 

After working with CNE's foreclosure prevention counselor Melissa Trulove, Griselda received a modification. Her payment reduced by 45% and went from $716 to $397! 

"Melissa Trulove and the employees of CNE were so helpful," Griselda says. "It was such a relief to have the weight of foreclosure lifted. I thank each and every one CNE that helped me throughout this process; and I feel like Melissa and I are more like friends, than a customer relationship. I will refer anyone that I know in the similar situation to CNE for assistance. Your company has truly been a blessing to my family."

Griselda is now able to stay in her home and enjoy the recent birth of her twin grandchildren. She is only one of the thousands of similar circumstances that CNE has been able to help Chattanoogans overcome.

We look forward to a great 2017 and helping families to buy, improve and keep their homes. Thank you for all of your support through the past 30 years.