5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home's Air Clean

Did you know that your home’s air could be considerably more polluted than the air outside? It’s true, and it can cause your family a fair amount of headache (literally) heading into the winter months.

October is Clean Air Month. Celebrate by taking a look at these simple ways you can keep your home’s air as clean as possible in the coming months.


1. Dust

Dusting is the worst chore of all, but it’s vital for keeping your home’s air clean. Areas like the tops of your ceiling fans or air conditioning grates make great homes for dust, so make sure to dust these places ever so often. Also, if you have a pet, be sure to clear your home of hair, dander, and other allergens your pet brings in from outside. Your nose will thank you!


2. Open the Windows


Even if it is just for a few minutes, opening your windows helps to circulate fresh air into your home. Especially if you are cooking or cleaning, fresh air always does a body good, and it lets harmful toxins or vapors escape.


3. Have Guests Remove Their Shoes


It may seem simple, but something as easy as removing your shoes before entering your home can stop harmful allergens from getting inside.


4. Don’t Forget the Filter


Your air filter is your home’s main line of defense against allergens, mold, and other toxins. While it isn’t something you typically think about until something goes wrong, checking your air filter and changing it regularly is so important for clean air. Thankfully, home air filters can be fairly inexpensive and changing them takes little to no time.


5. Watch Out for Moisture


Allowing moisture to gather anywhere in your home creates a great environment for mold to grow, and your air quality will suffer for it. Using exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, and repairing leaks immediately will help keep your home mold-free.


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