Client Spotlight: Cassandra Strickland

“I can’t even quit smiling because I didn’t believe any of it was going to happen. But it did. I’m amazed. I should have done it sooner,” says Cassandra Strickland, a Chattanooga resident, mother of four, and a CNE homeowner.

After having her third daughter, Cassandra rented through Section 8 in East Chattanooga. Homeownership was not on her radar until a friend told her about CNE’s programs. After coming to a class about how to purchase a home, Cassandra decided to set her dreams higher than ever before. After going through the process with CNE by her side, Cassandra decided to purchase a home in East Chattanooga in a quiet neighborhood that her children would enjoy.

She said that she was very nervous at first, worrying about having enough for the down payment, if her credit was good enough, and everything else that needs to fall into place to own a home. But with CNE, she was able to find the mortgage that she wanted without any issue.

When the paperwork was done and the time to sign had passed, Cassandra realized her dreams were reality when her children exclaimed, “Yes! We wanna sleep here, we don’t wanna stay at the other house.”

After going through this process herself, Cassandra believes that, “you don’t have to be on assistance all your life. Nobody wants to move out, but it’s something you can call your own. And you enjoy it.”

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