Introducing Compass: The New Way to Homeownership

Whether you’re downsizing for retirement or are in the process of saving for your starter home, the homebuying process is nothing short of stressful.

CNE has been helping homebuyers manage that stress for the last 30 years, but we’ve taken it a step further by introducing Compass, a single place to track your progress on the way to buying a home and keep track of your important documents and information.

What is Compass?

At its core, Compass is a streamlined system that allows you to look at the entire picture of your path to homeownership in a way that is easy to understand. Compass allows future homebuyers to easily track their finances, keep up with the required paperwork, upload files, and have access to educational materials all in one place.

Compass Step-by-Step

To get started with Compass, you need to fill out a few simple questions about your financial situation such as your monthly income, your savings so far, and the amount of debt you currently have.

Once you gather and input this information, Compass will create your financial profile complete with a home price range that is best for your finances. All of this information will be listed on your Dashboard; think of it as your homeownership journey at a glance.

Compass will also connect you with CNE’s educational opportunities and financial resources like loan packages, down payment assistance, and counseling services to guide you along the way. Our goal is to prepare you for homeownership and help you avoid foreclosure and other pitfalls that many ultimately face.

Get started with CNE’s Compass today, have your questions answered, and take control of your path to homeownership!