Home for the Holidays: A CNE Success Story

Marco Collins has been a Chattanooga native all his life. He lived in Hixson with his wife Alanna and their three children, but the family had grown tired of paying for rent each month. With all of their children under the age of 10, the family realized they needed more space in a home that was truly their own.


It was about three years ago when the Collins family made the decision to take their first steps toward homeownership. They had no idea the sort of issues they would face, but they did know that CNE was the first place to go.

“CNE was the first step,” Marco said. “[They] saw me through everything. It was a fun process, but a long process.”

The Collins family is not alone. Many homeownership paths take time (anywhere from a few months to several years), and they hardly ever come without their share of obstacles. For Marco and Alanna, CNE was there for not only homeownership counseling, but credit repair and down payment assistance, as well.

As advice to others who are considering buying a home, the Collins’ recommend staying organized and focused. “Get all your ducks in a row,” Marco says. “Get your credit straight and save some money.”


The family was able to close on their new home last month, and they moved to their new neighborhood just in time for the holidays.

“[The children] are happier now that they can play outside,” Alanna says. “They can now see the whole perspective of a family growing up in a home,” adds Marco. “[Home means] everything. Family. Life. Love.”

We are so honored that we could play a part in the success of the Collins family. If you are interested in making homeownership your reality this new year, CNE has the tools and guidance to help you achieve that goal.

From all of us at CNE, we wish you a very Happy Holidays!