5 Tips For An Affordable Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, try our tips for putting in more effort and less cash. It really is the thought that counts!

1. Candy

We all have that special someone with a sweet tooth! Don't let those $30 hearts of candy discourage you. This Valentine's Day, grab a cute mason jar and try putting some of these sweet treats in for your loved ones at only $10 or less:

  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Fudge
  • Heart shaped cookies
  • M&Ms
  • Conversation hearts

2. Cards

Why do handmade cards have to go out of style after fourth grade? Making a card is the simplest way to save some money on Valentine's Day. Show your loved ones you care by creating a personal card just for them. If you aren't the artistic type, try using your computer to print an image for your card, or using the old paper heart cut-out. Saying what you want in your own words makes your card much more personal than grabbing one off the shelf.

3. Food

Dining out on Valentine's Day is almost always on the agenda for most couples. Just because your budget can't handle a $100 dinner tab, that doesn't mean you have to settle for the dollar menu.

Try cooking at home. This will allow you to spend more alone time with your significant other, while doing something together that you may not always have time for. Saving about $60 is a sweet incentive as well!

If going to a nice restaurant absolutely must be in the plans for you and your sweetheart, try going out for just a night cap or dessert. Grabbing cocktails before preparing your at home meal can still be a romantic gesture. The same goes for coffee and dessert; most restaurants have dessert for under $10. This way you are saving money and you still get to enjoy the romantic environment together. At the end of the day it's about the time you spend together, right?


4. Music

Everyone has their own taste in music. The gift of music can be very personal and can really show your loved ones how well you know them. 

Burning a CD, creating a playlist, or making a slideshow along with music can be a great gift for Valentine's day. All of these can be done on your own home computer. Try including your significant other's favorite song and songs that symbolize special moments in the relationship. 

If you are talented in music, try singing or playing one of their favorite songs and take a recording. You don't have to have fancy studio equipment, a phone or computer can work as your recording device. Your special someone will appreciate the effort put in to a personal gift like this.


5. Entertainment

For Valentine's Day, you don't always have to break the bank. Some things as simple as grabbing a Redbox movie (only $1/day) or playing card/board games together makes for fun quality time together. If the weather is nice on Valentine's Day, try having a picnic, an outside movie, or just a walk around Chattanooga. You could even take your significant other to the mall to walk around, and plan on each picking out a small gift.

Put in less money and more thought about your special someone this Valentine's Day. Spending quality time together and showing them how much they mean to you is priceless.