Becoming Money Smart

It’s almost here - Money School, Saturday April 1st! We are so excited that we dedicated this week’s blog to the meaning behind Money School. There are so many reasons why a financial literacy education course like ours is a no-brainer. We put our top five below!


1. Financial literacy is a life skill.

It is a tool that will be useful for the rest of your life. Money School programs specific to certain age groups are available, starting at age 13. It’s never too early to learn how to manage your money!

2. Managing your debt is just one of the difficulties that may come with adulthood.

Most people begin to look into gaining credit as early as their freshman year of college. By becoming educated in the money field, you can learn to budget and handle your debt without creating more.

3. Figure out how your actions are affecting your profit by maintaining a personalized budget.

At Money School, we have several sessions on how to create a budget that caters to your lifestyle. Spending less on the unnecessary in the present can lead to financial stability in your future.

4. Make sure you are set for the future.

When creating your budget, be sure to create a category for emergencies. The last thing you want to do is spend rent money on replacing a flat tire. By giving yourself some cushion, you are financially prepared for whatever life may throw at you.

5. Put some time and effort into the management of your finances.

Financial security is a luxury that may require some sacrifices in order to be successful. But the more you put it off, the more you spend and the less you save. The sooner that you understand your money, the more it’ll be worth it to you!

We hope these tips encourage you to take the necessary steps to being financially stable. All of these ideas and so much more will be broken down at Money School on Saturday, April 1st!