Meet the Mother's Day Mini-Market Vendors!

Mother's Day is just around the corner - are you ready? Join us in Ridgedale for a one-stop shop for everything you need for your mother! 

This Saturday, May 13th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., head to Ridgedale for a very special Mother's Day Mini-Market, located in Amani Chattanooga at 420 S. Willow Street.

This market is the perfect opportunity to support local, community businesses while shopping for your mom! The goal is to stimulate interest in community businesses while strengthening neighbor to neighbor relationships. 

We wouldn't be able to do this event without our great vendors. Learn more about each one below, and thank you to Empower Chattanooga for always being a great partner.

Amani ya Juu Chattanooga 

 Follow them @amaniyajuu

Follow them @amaniyajuu

Amani ya Juu is a fair trade social enterprise, but they seek to go beyond fair trade by investing in personal relationships and reconciliation in the context of our vocational training and employment programs. The founder of Amani ya Juu, Becky Chinchen, grew up in Chattanooga prior to working as a missionary in Africa. Joanna Vaughn is her daughter and grew up in Kenya. Amani ya Juu has been running for 20 years, and Amani Chattanooga has been here for 5 years.

They think that "When you purchase from local and socially conscious businesses, you are investing in the renewal of real communities and real people, even people that you could personally know. This is what economics should look like: neighbors seeking the good of neighbors through their relationships and their money."

They are hosting our Grand Opening Event for our Amani Chattanooga boutique from May 20-26! For more info e-mail

LimeTree Handmade

 Follow her @limetreechatt

Follow her @limetreechatt

All the products are handmade and inspired by vintage jewelry and nature. The founder Meredith Blanchard uses elements of her life such as her grandmother's lace, vintage maps, and flowers she has personally found and pressed. She loves to learn how things are made.

Since 2008, the year that she started the business, she believes "It is important to support local businesses because it keeps the community alive and thriving"

By the end of May, LimeTree Handmade will be in two new stores (Locals Only and Wildflower Tea Shop) with a new line of jewelry inspired by nature.

Uncommon Deux

 Follow them @uncommondeux

Follow them @uncommondeux

Uncommon Deux sells ethically-made designer clothing and small batch apothecary goods. There are no other boutiques selling "slow fashion" in this area. Twin sisters Jessica & Brittney Wooten started the business almost two years ago to bring unique and sustainable fashion to Chattanooga.

Jessica and Brittney believe that "Buying from your local community allows consumers to build & increase local business and economics."

Brass & Pebble

 Follow them @brass_and_pebble

Follow them @brass_and_pebble

Although Angela Conn is the main artist, her husband Chris collaborates with her on Brass & Pebble. She is the metalsmith and he's the woodworker. They do everything themselves - the social media, photography, tags, business cards, etc. They are a very small, completely handmade, homegrown business. Her business it's a labor of love. 

Angela says "I love knowing who and what I'm supporting. We throw away so much money, never thinking about where it's actually going. I like to see how mine can directly support an actual person."

Sweetbriar Vegan Chocolates and Confections

  Follow them at @ sweetbriar

Follow them at @sweetbriar

After working with chocolate for several years Laura and Peter Stewart noticed a real lack of quality, hand-crafted truffles that were both vegan and delicious. They love the process and enjoy the challenge of creating chocolates that cater to vegans while maintaining the decadence of conventional truffles. They are one of only a handful of artisan vegan truffle companies and maybe the only one in the Southeast.

They believe that "Local artisans and craftpersons are what makes Chattanooga amazing! It stimulates our small economy, supports artistic integrity and creates a sense of community that can't be achieved by shopping at Walmart."

Come and meet these great local vendors this Saturday at Amani ya Juu at 420 S. Willow Street. More information here.