4 Tips for Cutting the AC Bill Down

Keep your home cool this summer!

Here are 4 tips to keep you home cooler without raising your AC bill.

1. Install insulated window film

Make a long term investment on your home and improve your home’s insulation! This material can easily be placed on your windows and keep your home cooler in the summer, and it can keep your home warmer in the winter. It increases the energy-efficiency within your home and saves you considerable money in the long run.

On Lowe’s website, they have an easy installation process laid out here or check out Empower Chattanooga's video here.

2. Have more cookouts

It's that simple: cook outdoors! Cooking indoors radiates heat from every heat appliance that you may use (ovens, stoves, microwaves, etc.). By cooking outdoors, you reduce the heat radiation within your home. Cooking outside, i.e. grilling, is not only an AC bill saver, but it is also a fun way to enjoy the summer in Chattanooga’s fresh air.

Take your family and friends along with you and enjoy the summer!

3. Plant some “living shades”

According to Organic Life in their article, in order to cut costs on your AC bill, grow some plants! These “living shades” are the plants that grow around your home that naturally provide shading by absorbing the sun rays for you before they ever reach your home.

Planting hanging plants and trees around windows provide automatic shade without needing to close the blinds, and they also provide a beautiful view.

If you would rather use free-standing plants, use flowers like sunflowers, corn, or cannas. These plants, if planted in a zig-zag formation around the home, deliver air circulation around your home; therefore, cooling your home down without cranking up the air.

4. Learn from Empower Chattanooga

Our partner green|spaces teaches residents low and no cost ways to reduce energy bills through one hour workshops. Empower views energy use and affordability of utilities as having a direct affect on quality of life in Chattanooga.

These one hour workshops will teach you simple, low cost ways to save energy and lower your monthly utility bill. Children are welcome at all our workshops.  A free meal is provided at every workshop.

Monthly Workshops

  • Glass House Collective, 2501 Glass Street  - First Monday of every month 6-6:30pm 
  • The Bethlehem Center, 200 W. 38th Street - Second Tuesday of every month 6-7pm
  • New City East Lake - Third Thursday of every month 6-7pm - Available in English and Spanish. En Español
  • Sacra Coffee, 801 S. Orchard Knob - Last Saturday of every month 10-11am  

For more information, click here.