RentWise! is Here

RentWise! is here and fresh off the press -
and now available on your computer!

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What is RentWise?

RentWise! is a publication that fully explains the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants all throughout Hamilton County.

It not only offers advice to Chattanoogans, who are navigating an increasingly competitive market, but this booklet also helps renters who are close to realizing the dream of ownership.
— Mayor Andy Berke


How do I use it?

Each chapter in the Rentwise! booklet is a step-by-step aid that guides you through both the renting process and the role of a responsible landlord.

For example, Chapter One discusses the considerations you should take before even renting a property and what to look for.

Other chapters guide you through signing a lease, your legal duties as a tenant, and even how to successfully manage your own rental property as a landlord.

Rentwise! consists of a total of 8 chapters full of the need-to-know information you need for renting in Hamilton County.


How do i receive a copy?

There are a couple of different ways you can access Rentwise!.

You can find a digital copy here, or, if you prefer a hard copy, free booklets are available to the public through CNE! Stop by our office during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm) and receive your free copy!


RentWise is made possible by:

City of Chattanooga Department of Economic and Community Development - Andy Berke, Mayor
City of Chattanooga Office of Multicultural Affairs
Legal Aid of East Tennessee
City of Chattanooga Youth and Family Development
Chattanooga Apartment Association
Tennessee Human Rights Commission
and Wagner, Nelson & Weeks