Renting vs Buying: The Pros

Finally, we've reached the good stuff.

When faced with the decision between buying and renting, the first thing that many people take note of are the perks of each. Let us make your pro-con list writing a bit easier with our top pros of both buying and renting a home.

Buying Pros

Homeownership certainly does not come without a set of perks. For one, homeowners are often eligible for various tax benefits. Secondly, by investing in and improving your home over time, you actively build equity for the future. Finally, owning your own home means that customization and upgrade options are limitless, your choice, and can be made completely to your taste without having to obtain consent from a landowner or third party.

Renting Pros

While renting likely does not allow the option of customization, it is also not without its upsides. If you decide renting is for you, yard work, repairs to the property, and other maintenance will be done by a landlord or apartment staff. Additionally, renters do not have to worry about paying property taxes for their units. If you do decide you want to move, buying out or waiting out your lease is the only thing standing in your way, so if you hate being tied down, renting may be for you.

If you are still uncertain about whether owning or renting a home is for you, check out our other blogs in the Rent vs Own series. CNE also offers home mortgage loans, homebuyer counseling, and rental properties to help you reach your goals no matter your choice.

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