Know Your Neighbor: Bringing Community Together

For the past few of months, CNE has been partnering with local businesses to host Know Your Neighbor events. These events are designed to help neighbors come together in a casual setting to enjoy a meal and get to know one another.

Back in March, CNE hosted a Know Your Neighbor event in Highland Park. The event was done in conjunction with two local businesses: Highland Park grocery store La Tienda Distribuidora (also called Downtown Super Center) and resident culinary team MOUTHGREMLIN. The idea was to provide delicious food within a local business space to allow Highland Park residents and others in the community to come together and get to know one another. At the same time, the event placed a spotlight on these partnering local businesses.

La Tienda Distribuidora provided the venue and the ingredients, and Highland Park resident team MOUTHGREMLIN provided fresh, affordable dishes and drinks to try. This event was met with huge success, and we saw more than 120 neighbors come through for a time of conversation and fun!

Join us for June's Know Your Neighbor Event at The Mai Bell! This Saturday, June 9th, we'll be partnering with MOUTHGREMLIN once again to bring neighbors together over FREE brunch and mimosas! With music provided by DJ Levar LV Wilson and Jazzanooga, free coffee from Mad Priest Coffee Roasters, and kids' activities, there's something for everyone.

Come out and meet your neighbors this Saturday from 12-3pm! Learn more about the event here.