Programs & Services

For over 25 years, the programs and services provided by Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, Inc. have improved the quality of life for all Chattanooga residents. 22% of all Chattanooga homeowners have participated in one of our programs, which include the following:

Community Development

Since our founding, CNE has been committed to bringing Chattanooga’s urban neighborhoods back to life.

•CNE led the redevelopment of several neighborhoods, including Cowart Place and Jefferson Heights. •Current efforts are focused on Bushtown and Orchard Knob, where our award-winning Better Built green houses are currently for sale. •We believe that engaging local residents is key to sustainable revitalization. That’s why we’re committed to neighborhood-centric projects like building the Glass Street pocket park.

Promoting Homeownership

Homeownership is an effective way for people to build financial security and stability. Owning a home correlates with increased social and political involvement, improved health, and educational achievement.

•Loans available with below market rates to Chattanooga’s low- and moderate-income borrowers. •Nationally acclaimed homeownership education and counseling program.

Preserving the Dream of Homeownership

Purchasing a home is only the beginning of homeownership—a goal that requires ongoing maintenance and financial commitment.

•Loans and grants available to homeowners for upkeep and energy efficiency. •CNE is a leading foreclosure prevention counseling agency in Tennessee, helping southeast Tennesseans keep their home.

Neighborhood Engagement

We believe strong neighborhoods require strong resident leaders, so we work everyday to help people make the dreams they have for their own neighborhoods come true. 

Asset and Portfolio Management

We believe neighborhood revitalization requires a long-term financial commitment—commitment from the City, our partners, residents, and from us. Loans are expected to be repaid, promote financial transparency, and can be recycled many times over.

•During the course of our 25 year history, CNE has accumulated a $6 million loan portfolio •Additionally, we manage a $22 million portfolio for the City of Chattanooga—returning over $800,000 annually to City coffers. •We own real estate assets all over town and manage them to benefit residents and neighborhoods.•We also manage an array of privately funded revolving loan funds, each with a specific neighborhood or demographic beneficiary. •We own real estate assets all over town and manage them to benefit residents and neighborhoods.