Southside Neighborhood

Fort Negley

The heart and soul of CNE's redevelopment of the Southside, historic Ft. Negley sits between Cowart Place and Jefferson Heights. The neighborhood was named for a Civil War fortress that once stood in the area south of Main Street, and is still characterized by a deep sense of history. Chattanooga's characteristic limestone walls can be seen throughout, as well as grand old homes, charming bungalows, and a mix of CNE infill projects. Always concerned with maintaining the neighborhood's historic integrity and socio-economic diversity, CNE focused its efforts on renovation loans, coordination of infrastructure improvements, and high quality infill construction that complemented the scale and typology of existing structures. 

Jefferson Heights

The final phase of CNE's Southside redevelopment plan, Jefferson Heights as is currently stands was years in the making. Though the neighborhood had been in existence for decades, its current configuration was the result of extensive planning and re-zoning efforts to allow for smaller setbacks, rear-load alley access, and a return to traditonal urban residential neighborhood design principles. Additionally, Jefferson Heights was part of the US Green Building Council's pilot program LEED for Neighborhood Development.  

Other Neighborhoods

Highland Park

Developed in the late 1800s when great floods would inundate Chattanooga, Highland Park sits just above the flood line. Its historic homes were mostly built prior to 1930 and represent a range of styles including Victorian, craftsman, and the America foursquare. Like lots of urban American neighborhoods, many residents left Highland Park for the suburbs in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, resulting in decades of decay and abandonment. However, the good bones and beautiful architecture of Highland Park has helped it bounce back. Since our founding, CNE has invested in the neighborhood through renovation loans, facade grants, and strategic infill construction. Several of our best-selling house plans were designed specifically to complement the historic architecture of Highland Park. Visit the Highland Park Neighborhood Association.


Three East Tomorrow: Bushtown, Orchard Knob, & Glenwood

3 East Tomorrow is the redevelopment of three of Chattanooga's most historic neighborhoods--Bushtown, Orchard Knob & Glenwood--all of which are just east of downtown. The project includes both new construction and rehab, and served as the Pilot Program for green|spaces Chattanooga's Better Built program, establishing the benchmark for high quality design and energy efficiency in Chattanooga. Visit