The importance of local leadership and civic involvement in supporting a community where there is fair access to wealth-building opportunities and resources for working families is now more apparent than ever. Access to a safe and secure place to call home is at the center of our city’s economic security, success and the well-being of its residents.


To drive attention to this important issue, CNE sat down with mayoral candidates over Zoom to discuss with them their vision for housing and neighborhoods and how they plan to create and sustain their vision throughout their mayoral term. 

To simplify viewing, we've broken down our candidate interviews into four segments: Thoughts on Home, Vision, Housing & Neighborhoods and Taking Action. All of our questions have also been outlined for clarity. Our Housing & Neighborhoods Policy Platform is here for reference.

Update: After the March 2nd election, candidates, Tim Kelly and Kim White, will move on to a runoff election. Watch their videos below and make sure to vote in the runoff on April 13th.


Q1: What does home mean to you?


Q2: According to a recent poll published in the TFP, the most important attribute of the next Mayor is vision. Please tell us what your vision is for affordable housing and thriving neighborhoods in Chattanooga.


Q3: What would be your plan for getting Chattanoogans to support your vision?


Q4: We believe that thriving neighborhoods should offer opportunities for economically and racially diverse residents. What are your thoughts on how we balance creating neighborhoods full of amenities with housing affordability?

Q5: You've read CNE's recommendations for addressing affordable housing and nurturing our neighborhoods. What ideas resonated with you? What ideas challenged you?


Q6: At a time when the city is facing reduced revenues and a potential budget shortfall, how do you envision balancing your housing vision with other competing needs?

Q7: Many mayoral candidates have stated that affordable housing is an important issue for their campaign. What do you think sets you apart from the other candidates?

Click on a candidate's name to watch their full interview.