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Homebuyer Workshops

Homebuyer Workshops are now available. Click the button below to register.


CNE's Homebuyer Workshops will help you learn all you need to know about purchasing a home. Here's what you can expect to be covered:

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

This will help you ask yourself the right questions regarding renting versus buying.

Managing Your Money

This section is an overview regarding the importance of creating a spending plan, plus the how-to formula/key components related to the establishment of a spending planner.

Understanding Credit

We’ll discuss the importance of credit in relation to buying a home as well as other areas where credit becomes key. For example, establishing utility services, renting an apartment, getting insurance or lower interest rates. We’ll also give strategies for credit score improvement.

Getting a Mortgage Loan

We’ll explain mortgage terminology in layman’s terms and give an introduction to documents related to the process (TRID).

Shopping for a Home

This section is an introduction to the other key players involved in the homeownership journey and their roles and responsibilities related to customers.

Protecting Your Investment

These are the key components that every consumer should be familiar with prior to becoming a homeowner and should be revisited often after purchasing.

Workshops are offered online through eHome America ($99) or in-person at CNE offices ($59). Register by clicking one of the options below.

Credit Building and Financial Education

CNE's homeownership and financial coaching services are available now! Click the button below to schedule an appointment. 

CNE’s Homeownership Coaching teaches clients to understand and overcome the many obstacles in the way of both financial security and homeownership. The service is free and offers help with saving for a down payment, reducing debt, overcoming credit issues and more.

Schedule an Appointment

CNE offers a variety of other classes and events through the year to promote financial education and community involvement. One of those is our annual Money School event, held each April. Money School’s goal is to provide free financial education and resources to community members who seek to increase their personal finance knowledge and understanding. The event is promoted as an “everything you need to know about money” learning opportunity and covers topics including budgeting, investing, credit, homeownership and debt elimination. Money School also hosts a variety of topics for teens.

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