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CNE believes that the future of Chattanooga is rooted in the vibrancy of all our neighborhoods and the prosperity of all our people.

In 2020, we have learned the importance of local leadership and civic involvement in supporting a community where there is fair access to wealth-building opportunities and resources for working families. Access to a safe and secure place to call home is at the center of our city's economic security, success and the well-being of its residents. The pandemic and resulting economic crisis across our nation magnified what many people knew to be true before - we can do better at ensuring our neighbors have access to housing that meets basic needs.

CNE is driven by the following values for promoting and assessing housing and neighborhood policies:

1. Inclusivity
Solutions that balance investment with displacement protections in order to promote diverse housing options and keep long-term residents in place.

2. Leadership Diversity
Neighborhood decision-making that is informed by multi-generational and diverse resident leadership.

3. Collaboration
Housing policy development and implementation that engages partners across multiple industries and integrates private and public interests.

4. Forward Thinking
Housing and neighborhood plans that seek to meet growing demand in both the short and long-term through projections that extend through multiple administrations.

5. Creativity
Public strategies that seek creative financing, development and construction models in partnership with the private housing market with the goal of meeting diverse resident needs.

6. Affordability and Livability
Affordable housing that is the result of smart investment, balancing the need for vibrant neighborhoods with affordable housing options.

7. Measurability
Policy proposals that are tied to clear goals and objectives that allow for real-time evaluation.

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