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CNE's innovators propel its mission through a variety of programs and initiatives aimed to drive homeownership, promote financial well-being, build community connections, restore and build stable housing and more.

Promoting and Preserving Homeownership
At CNE, we believe that, through homeownership, people more effectively build financial security and stability. Owning a home correlates with increased social and political involvement, improved health and educational achievement. CNE helps Chattanoogans of all income levels achieve homeownership through its homebuyer education and counseling program as well as its down payment assistance and other services.

Additionally, CNE believes that owning a home requires ongoing maintenance and financial commitment. Therefore, we offer an array of loans and grants that can help homeowners keep their homes as well as improve their home's efficiency. Read more about CNE's free foreclosure prevention counseling and home improvement loans.

Promoting Financial Wellbeing

CNE offers free, financial education opportunities throughout the year through our Money School Program. Additionally, CNE supports a Small Dollar Loan program offering an alternative option to harmful payday lending for individuals and families. 

Connecting Neighborhoods

CNE's community work focuses on building relationships and trust among residents and identifying individuals who are interested in learning more about affordable housing and neighborhood development and training them to take leadership in these areas.

Real Estate Development

CNE is investing in housing development by helping to encourage mixed-income communities. CNE housing developments include single-family homes, small-scale, multi-unit homes and apartment buildings. The five-year plan is to build 450 new housing units with at least 20% of those units being income-restricted.

Asset and Portfolio Management

CNE invests in Chattanooga's neighborhoods primarily through lending. CNE Homeownership Center offers mortgage loans and manages a $9 million portfolio for the City of Chattanooga.

Systems-Level Change

This new objective will integrate CNE's community engagement, organizing and public education activities into a long-term strategy for building a housing and neighborhood development vision and policy platform that will be adopted by candidates running for Mayor of Chattanooga.

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